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Product Photographer Torrance

About Us

Joey Ikemoto  Photography Studio has been serving the Southbay community in Torrance, CA, for over 40 years. With a beautiful 6,000 sq ft retail, gallery, and studio space, we have many backgrounds, settings, and a high-end professional lighting setup, so our subjects always look their best!

Dozens of large corporations have entrusted Joey Ikemoto with commercial assignments, whether that's pristine product photography, capturing the spirit of a business convention, or flattering and professional headshots. His corporate clientele includes Toyota, Samsung, Honda, AT&T, and TransAmerica, to name a few! These corporate jobs have taken Joey across the nation, as well as around the world. He has been on assignment in Japan, Maui, the Bahamas and Costa Rica. The city of Torrance awarded him the Torrance Performing Arts Consortium President's award in 2015, “Living Life Through the Arts.”

The staff at Joey Ikemoto Photography consists of four full time employees, which two have been with him for over 25 years. Joey has a long history of inspiring loyalty, creativity, and trust.

We have extensive experience working with up-and-coming professionals in need of headshots for showcasing on their websites and future marketing materials. Through the use of professional lighting, a variety of background choices, effective cropping, and a practiced, artistic eye, lawyers, doctors, and politicians alike will be impressed by how approachable and trustworthy they appear to prospective clients.

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1267 Sartori Ave.

Torrance, Ca. 90501


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