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If you are selling Online with a Full Product Catalog or even on your own Amazon Marketplace, showing your products with clarity and excellence is a MUST!


We offer the best quality at great prices and even offer Specialty Image Services like 360º Live View, Bar Code Renaming, Product Name Cataloging, Pure White Dropouts, and even Light Painting for stunning imagery like you’ve never seen!

We can accommodate everything from small products to full size vehicles, planes and corporate buildings. Whatever your needs may be, we can do it!  With 43 years of experience and a Master of Photography degree, Joey Ikemoto is the only photographer you need.


Simply send in an inquiry  on our Contact page and we will contact you (let us know your preference of email or phone) to find out your needs and how we can help you. We gladly do bids and creative problem solving, to discover innovative ways to promote you and your products. You can also give us a call right now! (310) 212-7366.

360° Live View · Barcode Scanning · Pure White Cutouts · Website Catalogs

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